The roadtrip playlist

Speaking of that road trip, I’m going to be compiling a great playlist for it- because what’s a good road trip without good road trip music? Anyways, the playlist is going to contain primarily Country, Rock, and a hint of blues. American Jazz may be included as well, but we’re talking primarily classic road trip tunes. The first song I’m including, is down by the seaside by Led Zeppelin. It’s one of their more uplifting and laid back songs, so it was one I had to include on the playlist. The next song, is “The Wanderer” by Dion. This song is one that just invokes a lot of classic western-american imagery and emotion. It’s catchy and doesn’t sound dated. I like it a lot, and I think it’s aged very well. “Castles Made of Sand” by Jimi Hendrix is another song I hope to include. It doesn’t fit in with a lot of the other songs I’m putting on the playlist, but it’s still incredible and truly American. Not only does it have great guitar riffs, it has great lyrics too. I like Psych-Rock and Prog-Rock more than classic rock, so I’ll have some of those types of songs in here too. As a Rap Junkie, I’ll definitely include a little but of that too. Probably some Slick Rick or Rakim since I like the 80’s/ early 90’s NY rap scene more than the west coast scene of that time period. All in all, it’s going to be a banging playlist, and I can’r wait to play it on the road.

Big Road trip this summer

I’m going on a big road trip this summer with some guys, maybe we’ll bum it and just see where the road takes us for a few weeks. I really want to make it to Los Angeles since I never really got to see much of the city last time I was there. I think me and my Dad saw a Dodgers game then left. As of right now we’re planning on driving until we hit Denver, then going down to Moab and Maybe Zion. If we have enough time, I’d like to make it out to the coast and see Venice Beach. After that I’m hoping to drive through Monument Valley and down into White Sands National Monument in new mexico. That place really looks wild. Nothing but dunes of perfectly white sand for miles and miles. It could have been a great place to shoot the most recent Mad Max movie too, just saying. After that we’ll probably try and head straight back to St. Louis since there is literally no cool shit in between here and West Texas if we’re talking about heading that direction. We are still trying to plan everything, but it’s going to be great when it all pans out. As of right now, all I know is that I’m getting a few of my boys, we’re loading up my car, and heading west on 70 until we hit Denver. Who the hell knows what’ll happen after that. I figure this is about as close as I’ll get to living out my Hobo/ Cowboy fantasy, but who knows. I’d love to bum around with some Tramps and Train Hoppers if I ever have the chance, but that can’t reasonably happen if I plan on doing anything productive in my life. But I do have some hope that maybe I’ll break free of my societal obligations one day, and just run off into the west like it’s the 1800’s. It sort of reminds me of one of the final lines from “The Big Lebowski” where the narrator states that The Dude is “taking ‘er easy out there for all us sinners.” There’s always going to be someone living the life you want, so why not try and make your desires a reality?

Just some thoughts

A few days ago, someone I know told me something pretty interesting- a guy he knew wrote a song to try and win his ex girlfriend back. I thought he was joking at first- this is something you see in a really crappy high school movie, right? I was wrong, this was actually happening, and I was a witness to it. I figured that most breakup songs should probably have really generic and simple guitar chords with a guy who can’t sing at all going wild with some metaphors about love. But of course this couldn’t be the case- it’s 2019 after all. This guy found a generic beat with subtle drums and a woman’s voice humming on a loop in the background. It was barely recognizable as more than just white noise. Then, he started “singing”. I say this loosely, as I don’t think I’ve ever heard a singer as bad as this dude. He was pretty much monotone the entire time, and when he did waver off the same note, it was never in tune with anything else going on in the song. Along with that, I’m pretty sure he recorded the entire thing with the microphone on the old apple earbuds, because you can barely make out what he’s saying with full volume on. It’s almost a chore to try and listen to what this guy was saying over the course of this 4 minute long monstrosity. Seriously, it was 4 minutes. How do you have 4 minutes worth of cheesy garbage to say about a relationship that lasted maybe 4 or 5 months? I guess it’s time to give my personal grade for the song. Instead of an “x/10” rating, like I’ve done on all my other music reviews, I’m giving this a D (with F being the worst grade, and A+ the highest, obviously) primarily due to the fact that it isn’t a published work, and also due to how terrible it sounded. It wasn’t even something I could laugh at because it was just pathetic and depressing to to imagine this guy actually trying to win a girl back with that hunk of garbage. The lesson here kids: Never lower yourself that much to try and win your ex back.


I watched chappie last weekend- I had honestly forgotten about how cool of a movie it is. It’s not something I enjoy watching all the time, but It’s really cool in that it takes a while to figure out who the “bad guys” are. I mean sure, it does a good job of making you sympathize with the criminals, but it still portrays them in a mostly negative way. I think the main thing that stood out to me about it that I didn’t notice the first time I watched the movie, was that it seems like everyone but Chappie has multiple motives, including the people who seem to have good morals. Hugh Jackman’s character tries to stop the instability that having full AI would make, but in the end he uses it as a bargaining chip to take out those who he deems worthless in society out of hatred and spite. Even Deon, the person who creates the consciousness of chappie, still seems like he’s more concerned with making the first successful self-aware AI than he is with actually doing definitively good actions. On another note, Die Antwood made up 2 of the main characters which was cool. The overall setting of the movie was really good too, and I feel like a decent level of accuracy was maintained throughout even the most unbelievable scenes. My one critique is the sudden brief ending, and how happy it’s portrayed even though I would argue that there are plenty of depressing things that seemed like they were ignored. Regardless, it’s still an interesting watch, and I think it was pretty unique despite coming off as a weird niche south-african version of “i robot”.

Conference track meet

Last night, I ran in one of my last track meets ever. Overall, it was a good way to say goodbye to the season. I still have the district meet next weekend, but I’ll probably finish near last in high jump, so I never really have any expectations for the meet anyways. Oh well, It’ll still be fun. Anyways, at the meet yesterday I did terrible in high jump, but I finished 3rd in the 110 hurdles. I’ve sort of become bored with high jump since I haven’t been able to pr even after 2 years of near non-stop training since I first hit my current pr. I’m actually doing worse now than when I was a sophomore. Hurdling is pretty much the only thing keeping me interested in track up to this point, so hopefully I get to do that at the meet this weekend. Overall It felt good to finally preform good in an event and see all the hard work you put in actually pay off. (I hadn’t finished higher than 6th place in any varsity meet for high jump this year). On a different note, I can’t tell wether I’m going to be happy or sad that track is ending. I’ve been working out and running 9 months out of the year for the past 2 or 3 years, so I know I won’t miss the training aspect of it too much, but actually competing is so much fun. Nothing really compares to the satisfaction you get when you compete hard for something you love. I know I’ll get over that loss and eventually just view it as something I did in high school, but I feel like this is more of a melodramatic end than graduating will be. Even if I’m not that good, I can honestly say that I’ve put forth more effort for track than I have anything else in my life. There aren’t a lot of things I’m overly proud of in my life, but the effort I put forth for track is one of those few things.

How valuable is a college degree?

I was thinking about this question a lot recently, and I have some thoughts about it. I think first off, it’s well known that if you get a degree in engineering or CS, you’ll make much more money than on any other stable/normal career path. But what I’m curious about is other kinds of bachelors degrees- chemistry, Business, english, biology, psychology, etc. Obviously, the people who get these degrees are fairly skilled and intelligent, but how much more money will they make with those degrees than what they could have earned by learning a skill? Wether that skill is Carpentry or video editing, I feel like you can make just as much money doing those as long as you’re dedicated and willing to improve. There’s a major demand for small independent clothing companies, just as there’s also a demand for welders. And if you’re good enough at your job, I feel like you could definitely make a lot of money doing it. Anyways, I’ve been thinking a lot about what college degree besides something related to stem would give me the best opportunity to exploit an area in need of high skill workers. I’m convinced there’s something out there that pays college grads near 6 figures on average. I’ll let you all know how that goes. Oh well, take it easy friends!

Senior prank

I love the idea of a senior prank. It’s a way to do something to the school that won’t leave you in too much trouble, but you can still do it since you’re leaving in a matter of days or weeks anyways. The only problem is that now, most senior pranks are either underwhelming to the point where they’re sad, or so over the top that they’re basically worthy of jail time. I remember last year, Mr. Cleer told my class that there were some kids that spray painted dicks on the school and football field, or something to that extent, and it apparently caused a lot of damage to the school and mentally to the staff/students. I personally don’t hate the school enough to think that’s rational. I’ve had my fair share of bad interactions with a few dumb teachers, and some of the administration makes some questionable decisions, but I generally feel like my experience at marquette has been positive compared to what it might have been at some other schools. On the other hand, I don’t think that all pranks should be punished with the type of brutality that some have in the past. Things that are mostly harmless but draw a lot of attention are memorable in a good way I think. Throwing live eels into the swimming pool, or anything along those lines probably isn’t such a good thing. I don’t plan on partaking in any pranks myself, but I do hope that if something good happens, I’ll get to witness. Oh well. Safe pranking, Marquette Seniors.